Case Studies



- IT Director - IT Strategy – Systems Development Consultancy  – Provider Selection

mLearning, run by entrepreneur Pete Banbury, is an exciting innovative approach to distance and online learning, embracing mobile and collaborative technologies and flexible learning techniques.   Working with Pete right from the very early stages of his business, Metis are providing mLearning with the IT Director that he needs as the technical systems are designed and developed and the platform takes shape.   We’re looking forward to working long term with mLearning on this exciting project, and are currently assisting with identifying the correct paths for software development, choosing suppliers and planning systems integration.

"Working with James from Metis Technology is providing me with the experienced technology Director that my business needs as it develops its online platform.   James has been instrumental in helping to determine my technology strategy and avoiding some of the money-pits and false-starts that tech start-ups like mine often fall foul of" - Pete Banbury, mLC

Markland Clinic

- Liaison with existing providers  - IT Policies & Procedures – Technology Growth Plan

Metis Technology were engaged by Markland Clinic to provide a technical consultant to liaise with their existing technology providers, to review systems, implement IT policies and to ensure that they are getting the best value and most appropriate service from each provider.  As a short-term project over a period of 3 months our team worked with their providers to resolve a number of long-term issues that were effecting business operation and to prepare an IT strategy for the business’s continued expansion and growth.  As each new clinic is opened Metis continue to oversee the technology implementation.


Ex-local authority charity client (name withheld)

- Systems Design Consultancy – Provider Selection

This substantially sized client was starting from scratch having been established from an ex-local authority department.  With an impending migration date, they needed someone to take charge of the IT Systems development allowing them to concentrate on other business challenges like HR, recruitment, finance and marketing.   They specifically needed assistance with designing an appropriate IT system that would deliver from day 1, help creating a tender request and assistance with interpreting the submitted tenders and with choosing a provider.   With charitable status it was important that any solution implemented delivered on both function and cost, and Metis were able to draw on experience in this sector to advise on where cost savings and licensing schemes were available to charities.


Ideas 2 Solutions

- IT Strategy – On-Demand IT Director

We work with Ideas 2 Solutions on an ongoing basis as their IT Director, having set IT Strategy, policies and direction for this rapidly growing group of businesses.   As the client grows, there is ever-increasing demand on the technology systems in use, and having a clear strategy and development plan in place will be key to success.

"While we know a lot about running successful businesses, IT is not our strong point so it's important to have Metis Technology on board to make sure we are steered in the right direction.   We firmly believe that a clear technology strategy and using IT correctly from the outset is fundamental to supporting our plans. James has been fantastic in cutting through the confusion of our systems and in line with our growth plans has recommended what it is we need to do now to ensure we're set for the future.   Already this has resulted in much more effective working and significant savings for the long term - compared to the plans we had developed ourselves." - Andy Jackson, Ideas2Solutions